Purifying the most difficult water

Producing Ultra Pure Water for sustainable energy production and reducing resource waste

CWT Årsstämma 2024

Aktieägarna i Circular Water Technologies AB (publ.) 559113–4720 kallas till ordinarie årsstämma tisdagen den 21 maj 2024 kl 18.00, Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Vasagatan 1, Stockholm. Lokal meddelas till dem som anmäler sig. Lättare förtäring.

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Why we do it

CWT is a driver
in the green transition

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What we do


Green Hydrogen

CWT´s technology drives the Global Energy Transition and a Net-Zero Future by providing ultrapure water for Green Hydrogen production.

Resource recovery

Wastewater from many industries contains harmful but also valuable pollutants, such as minerals and metals. CWT extracts pure water from contaminated industrial process water.

Purification and circularity of Industrial wastewater

Sustainability is an increasingly important driving force behind water spending in industry. CWT´s Technology can take water reuse to the next level.

How we do it

The CWT technology

The CWT proprietary technology generates ultrapure water (UPW) even from the most difficult water feed. 


"We work for the necessary transformation to circular economy."

Aapo Sääsk

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