Our vision is to present a solution to the global water pollution 

CIRCULAR-WATER is a ground-breaking water and wastewater purification equipment where wastewater is purified and recirculated in a modular equipment, enabling a closed loop industrial process. This closed loop water recycling will lead to a Zero Liquid Discharge scenario, where only a concentrated residue is discharged eliminating wastewater discharge from industrial activities. CIRCULAR-WATER is an innovative process based on Air Gap Membrane Distillation. The purification process is powered by low-grade waste heat, recovering another useful resource, thermal energy.

CIRCULAR-WATER is a double-blade innovation that recycles wastewater and recovers waste heat in industries, that help mitigating global warming and water stress simultaneously. Several prototype tests and validation studies have been performed in cooperation with partnering Universities and companies, CIRCULAR-WATER has been proven to be very efficient, with a removal efficiency up to 100%. It is a modular unit which is easy to operate and cost competitive. CWT is now close to commercialize this technology in cooperation with wastewater solution providers.

The ambition of this innovation to recycle every drop of water in all industries via a closed-loop system. CIRCULAR-WATER will assist industries to achieve a complete circular water system. Besides freshwater savings, this closed water system benefits include strict regulatory compliance, smaller environmental footprint, and greater community acceptance.

Our module

Let us introduce our test and demonstration unit at Sjöstadsverket. The unit uses our proprietary technology, which is licensed for Xzero, HVR Water Purification and ourselves, CWT.

We work for the necessary transformation to circular economy.

Aapo Sääsk – Chairman of the Board of Directors