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It’s been a journey to move the needle from waste to circular. Years of dreams research, experimental equipment, prototypes, and pilots.

Circular Water Technologies exists to drive the green transition. We develop and manufacture equipment to produce ultrapure water for use in manufacturing industries, green hydrogen production, and to purify polluted process water.

A single-step process allows for superior purification and the removal of several harmful substances and particles, including PFAS. It prepares wastewater to be salvaged and reused in a circular industrial process.

The solutions and proprietary technology behind the ultrapure water is developed and refined in Sweden over a period of more than 30 years.

Together with major European multinational corporations we have tested all types of feeds, evaluated many different configurations, explored innumerable use cases, to develop a scalable low-cost system for manufacture of the purest water and a complete system for recirculation of wastewater.

As a deep tech company on the brink of commercialization, the company is extremely rich in know-how and houses talents from various relevant fields and cultural backgrounds.

CWT is a driver in the green transition

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CWT vision

We aim to contribute to the green transition, advancing sustainability in industries and the  Hydrogen Economy by providing a superior ultrapure water!

Our vision is to be a driver of the green transition by providing resource efficient solutions for water purification.

Our contribution results in a commercially viable production of green hydrogen, a circular use of water in industrial processes, and an efficient resource recovery from wastewater.


Linda Fondén

The CWT history

CWT is a Swedish research and development company, founded in 2020. It’s part of a group of companies within Scarab Development AB.

CWT uses Scarab´s proprietary technology to mimics a natural phenomenon and produces UPW trough thermal pervaporation, removing EVERYTHING from water using waste heat.

Scarab Development was founded in 1972, following, and in the spirit of, the UN Conference on the Human Environment. The aim was to create commercially viable solutions to pressing environmental issues. Scarab clusters 5 companies focusing on various applications of the proprietary water purification technology, each with its own target user.

The company has always worked closely with academic institutions, such as the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), and these contacts have been the main source of talent.

Our partners include KTH, ABB, Interuniversity Microelectronics Center – imec, Technical University of Dresden and Fortum.


In sync with Sustainable Development Goals

The global goals for sustainable development are part of Agenda 2030. It was ratified by the UN General Assembly in 2015. It’s made up of 17 goals and CWT can make a direct contribution to reach 9 of these. 




Linda Fondén


Aapo Sääsk

Founder and chairman of the board

Håkan Klingén

Board member

Henrik Unné


Ammar Khan

Senior Project manager 

Dr. Ershad Khan

Scientific advisor


Peter Nobel

Technology expert and advisor

Susanne Ehn


Madeleine Eriksson


Helen Ljungquist


Joakim Hansson

Business development


Dr. Alaa Kullab

Chief scientist


Jürgen Weiss

Graphic & Corporate design 


Iliana Angelova

cwt Ambassador bulgaria


Adriana Lysiak

Innovation & evaluation

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