Please note that only persons with a Swedish personnummer can purchase shares in CWT.

Share price development (SEK)

Circular Water Technologies does not partake in the transaction of shares between the buyer and the seller. As we are not certified by the Swedish Finansinspektionen to act as a stockbroker, we also do not have a say as to what price the shares are sold for. This means that we are unable to display any price or number of shares on the website. Instead, the seller will provide their name and email and the buyer can then contact the seller privately to discuss the details of the transaction. If you have further questions, we recommend that you contact your bank or stockbroker for clarification. For information in Swedish, please click here.

Who is responsible for the transaction?

All shares are registered at the Swedish Central Securities Depository – Euroclear.

Procedure for purchase of shares.

1. Check if there are shares for sale at the bulletin board.

2. If you have a share deposit of your own in Sweden, just contact the seller, agree on a settlement note and make the mutually agreed transaction. (You send the money first and the seller transfers the shares to your account).

3. If you do not have your own share deposit at a Swedish bank or broker, ask your own bank or broker to open an account for you and then proceed as in 2. – or ask your bank or broker to do the settlement and transfer for you.

Procedure for selling shares.

1. Put up the shares for sale on the bulletin board

2. Wait for a buyer to contact you

3. Make up a price with the buyer and then agree on the settlement with the buyer – They pay first to your bank account and then you transfer the shares to their deposit.

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The first thing you do is to contact a seller via the email they have provided. You will then discuss the price point between yourselves. As Circular Water Technologies is not a certified stockbroker, we are not part of the transaction at all. Once the price is decided, the seller will then fill out a settlement note. and send it to the buyer. Once the shares are paid for, the seller will contact their bank or stockbroker and ask them to transfer the shares to the buyer. The final step is for the bank or stockbroker to transfer the ownership rights to the buyer and register the transfer with Euroclear.


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In order to sell shares, you have to fill out the form below. Simply provide your name (first and last) and your email. Your name will then appear on the website under the “buy” tab. In order to keep the website as updates as possible, seller posts are available for two weeks only. If you have not sold your shares by then, please fill out the form again.

The buyer will contact you via the email you have provided. You decide the price among yourselves, as Circular Water Technologies is not part of the transaction. As the seller, you are responsible for the settlement note. We have provided one for you here, you can fill it out online, save it and email it directly to the buyer. Once the buyer has paid for the shares, the seller will then contact their bank or stockbroker who will then transfer the shares to the buyer. The seller’s bank or stockbroker must then register the ownership rights to the buyer and to Euroclear.