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At the bottom of this page you can buy and sell shares in Circular Water Technology (CWT). You can buy when new rights issues are released or from shareholders selling their shares.  

CWT is currently unlisted, which means that you have the opportunity to invest early in a solution that will make the production of green hydrogen more efficient and cost-effective in several industries – in a sustainable way. 

A unique opportunity to invest in the future today!

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Checklist - Buying and selling shares in the company

What is CWT?

Sustainable energy production and reduced resource waste are two key components to a sustainable future. CWT:s solution contributes to exactly that.  

Circular Water Technologies (CWT) produces ultra-pure water using waste heat from other processes. Our core technology requires no chemicals and no pre- or post-treatment. Our solution purifies all types of water (seawater as well as wastewater) through a closed loop. It is a unique and natural process which results in a lower operating cost. 

Production of ultrapure water today requires a wide variety of techniques divided into several steps. Each step is designed to remove a specific group of contaminants, but each step can also cause new contaminants that must be removed in a later step. CWT:s technology purifies water in one just two steps, and thereby ensures higher and more consistent purity. 

Hydrogen is a promising clean fuel that, in combination with renewable energy sources, could be the solution for carbon-free emissions in the future. The most environmentally friendly way to produce hydrogen today is by electrolysis. In this process, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. Using ultrapure water in the electrolysis process can extend the life of the electrodes and reduce maintenance costs. 

Future prospects for CWT

CWT is now on the verge of a commercial breakthrough with a demo plant in industrial set-up for our first major international customer. After the trial period, a full-scale commercial plant will be built, which means that the production of ultrapure water will really take off and CWT can offer the market a cost-effective production of green hydrogen.

The market for electrolysis equipment to produce green hydrogen is estimated to be $325 billion by 2050, of which water purification equipment is expected to account for about 15%, or $50 billion. CWT is backed by 40 years of research with unique patented technology developed in collaboration with Swedish and international research institutions. Therefore, CWT has a clear lead in technology development and will be able to capture a large share of the hydrogen production market.

CWT has also been awarded the prestigious Seal of Excellence by the EU, which demonstrates the high quality and business potential of CWT.Marknaden för elektrolysapparater för att tillverka grön vätgas beräknas vara 325 miljarder dollar år 2050. Av detta belopp beräknas vattenreningsutrusningen utgöra cirka 15 %, dvs 50 miljarder dollar. CWT backas utav 40 års forskning med unik patenterad teknik som tagits fram i samarbete med svenska och internationella forskningsintuitioner. Därför har CWT ett klart försprång i teknikutvecklingen och kommer att kunna tillgodogöra sig en stor del av marknaden för vätgasproduktion. 

Unlisted shares

As the shares are not listed, there is no list price. CWT has no information on prices or share price as all deals are done privately between buyer and seller. Therefore, as a benchmark, we indicate the price of the share at the time of the last rights issue. For Circular Water Technologies, the last rights issue was in March 2021, when the price was SEK 8 per share. 

How does it work?

CWT does not participate in the transaction between seller and buyer. As CWT is not authorised by the Financial Supervisory Authority to act as a broker or stock exchange, we are not allowed to act as an intermediary in the transaction. It is therefore up to you, the buyer and the seller, to ensure that the transaction is carried out properly and that the sale takes place at a share price with which both parties are satisfied.

Please consult your bank or broker to ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. To facilitate the sale, we have developed a template for a settlement note. This settlement note is both a written agreement under the Sale of Goods Act and a valid document for tax returns, estate inventories, etc.

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