Circular Water Technologies AB

Circular Water Technologies AB (publ) (CWT) has been formed by an amalgamation of all waste treatment projects in HVR Water Purification AB (publ.) and Xzero AB (publ.). HVR will continue its projects in supply of absolutely pure water dedicated for drinking and cooking and Xzero will continue its work on producing Ultrapure Water for the nanoelectronics and other industries. 

The share capital for CWT has been infused by Scarab Development AB and CWT also has a license from Scarab. 

In 2021 CWT will make an offer of shares to the around 5 000 individual shareholders in the Scarab companies. 

CWT will thus integrate all present work with waste water into its concept of Zero Liquid Discharge Circular Water Technology and work with present waste water treatment stakeholders of the Group, such as Interuniversity Micro Electronics Center (imec) and Nanotechnology Industry Association (NIA), as well as a large number of private companies – SMEs and multinationals. 

CWT will therefore have a substantial order book from start and will start deliveries in  late 2021.