Green Hydrogen

CWT´s technology drives the Global Energy Transition and a Net-Zero Future by providing ultrapure water for Green Hydrogen production.

Green Hydrogen is playing an increasingly crucial role in the global energy transition. Expanding hydrogen production is likely to be one of the biggest industrial tasks of the coming decades. Transforming heavy-polluting industries such as steel and cement and entering our daily lives for example in the form of hydrogen fuel cell trucks. 

Electrolysis of water is a way to produce green hydrogen by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen using energy. Water is the foundation in green hydrogen production, and it must be purified to the highest possible standard. Inadequate water treatment can jeopardize the operation and damage the electrolyzer.


Pure water, cost-effective hydrogen production

CWT provides the purest water in the world and makes industrial scale production of green hydrogen a commercially viable business.

CWT´s proprietary technology not only allows the supply of ultrapure water, but the purified water itself can be processed from seawater or industrial wastewater. This offers additional opportunities for the industry and the environment when alternative sources apart from fresh water are available.

The production of Green Hydrogen trough Electrolysis generates  waste heat. Harnessing the waste heat to run the CWT process ensures an energy efficient UPW production with the lowest operating cost.
According to the IEA, the generation of ‘green hydrogen’ through electrolysis holds to potential to save 830 million tons of CO2 annually through replacing current fossil-intensive production.

Be part of developing the market for green hydrogen