Second General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain for the Measured project

CWT attended as one of the project’s 17 partners and will in the second half of 2024 deliver a Pilot with CWT’s technology in the project.

About the project

The project MEASURED aims at developing and demonstrating at TRL7 advanced membrane materials for Pervaporation (PV), Membrane Distillation (MD) and Gas Separation (GS) technologies applied to acrylic ester production, membrane manufacturing and gas separation from a carbon capture & utilization (CCU) stream.

At the end of the project, the integrated MEASURED technologies will reach a TRL7 demonstration over 20,000 hours operation under (industrial) operational conditions. MEASURED includes a thorough multiscale modelling and simulation techniques including a full Life Cycle Assessment and addresses the societal implications to increase the acceptance and further market readiness.

The interdisciplinary consortium – overall 17 participants: 2 SMEs, 7 industries and 8 Universities/research centers – will comprehensively study the development of advanced materials, reactor design and process configuration to identify the most sustainable options from a demonstration, techno-economic and environmental point of view.

General Assembly meeting

From January 17-18, the MEASURED Project consortium met in Barcelona for the second General Assembly!

Hosted by the team at EURECAT, partners showcased game-changing progress in each Work Package and unveiled exciting plans for the future.

And on January 18, our journey continued with an exclusive visit to the cutting-edge EURECAT laboratories in Manresa.

Stay tuned for more innovation from our project!