The CWT technology

The CWT proprietary technology generates ultrapure water (UPW) even from the most difficult water feed. It works by harnessing the principle of thermal pervaporation in format suited for mass production and use in an industrial environment.

The process of thermal pervaporation takes place in a multilayer cell where warm water is fed into the cell. Individual pure water molecules escape from the surface of the water and make their way to the cool side of the cell. It’s cooled by a feed of cold water and the molecules condenses and water free from particles is tapped from the cell. In essence, we are lifting out pure water rather than filtering out impurities.

The approach produces a UPW pure from any non-volatile substances.

The consistently repeatable process is built into a system which can be scaled to any capacity. Multiple cells make up a module and multiple modules make up a stack. Each stack produces 500 liters of UPW per hour.

A commercially viable green transition is CWT’s main focus. As the technology concentrates pollutants and other valuable minerals, a zero liquid discharge can be achieved. Additionally, coupled with waste heat from industrial processes, the production cost of ultrapure water is lower compared to other common water purification solutions.

About our technology

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Wastewater treatment

Technical Specifications 
– CWT core technology (the module)


Transforms the most polluted water into Ultra Pure Water

CWT adds unique value

Two simple steps replace legacy solutions of up to 25 steps and technologies, including the use of chemicals and consumables in form of filters and minerals. This reduces complexity as well as physical footprint in customer production facilities.

The CWT technology delivers

  • A UPW purer than today’s state-of-the-art technology.
    It removes 100% of all particles.
  • Reduced complexity in UPW production and reduced factory footprint.
  • Circular use of water and the possibility to recover valuable resources from industrial wastewater.

CWT´s technology enables industries to become not only sustainable but also commercially viable


Green Hydrogen

CWT´s technology drives the Global Energy Transition and a Net-Zero Future by providing ultrapure water for Green Hydrogen production.

Resource recovery

Wastewater from many industries contains harmful but also valuable pollutants, such as minerals and metals. CWT extracts pure water from contaminated industrial process water.

Purification and circularity of Industrial wastewater

Sustainability is an increasingly important driving force behind water spending in industry. CWT´s Technology can take water reuse to the next level.

Seal of Excellence

CWT operates under a license from Scarab Development AB and uses the same components as its fellow license holder, Xzero AB. CWT has received a Seal of Excellence from the EU. It verifies that the EU views CWT as an innovative company to support to develop the future European industry.