Purification and circularity of Industrial wastewater

Sustainability is an increasingly important driving force behind water spending in industry.

CWT´s Technology can take water reuse to the next level.

The greater need for most industries is to purify contaminated wastewater. This purification process can be divided into two categories: direct release of purified water, and indirect release of purified water.

To further explain:

Direct release indicates that the wastewater is released directly into bodies of water, either with or without purification on site.

Indirect release is instead when the wastewater is transported to a separate site for purification to later be released into waterways. This is most often done through the usage of urban wastewater treatment plants. 


Profitable and circular

CWT´s technology presents an opportunity for direct release, especially the transformation from indirect release to direct release, when companies treat their own wastewater with our technology instead of sending it to a separate treatment plant.

Many contaminants require both secondary and tertiary treatment with other systems, such as reverse osmosis, and therefore the purification process is complicated. 

Instead, CWT´s technology can be utilized to simplify the purification and to offer opportunities for direct release, or a more circular system where the processed water is reused in the industry.


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