CWT works assiduously on commercializing our technology and contributing to a sustainable future powered by hydrogen.

The Global market for hydrogen is expected to be worth 10 trillion Euro by 2050. The cost for ultrapure water is 10-15% of the total production cost which means that our total market is expected to be worth 1 trillion EURO by 2050

Only in EU the Hydrogen production is expected to be 20 million ton per year by 2030

The main component in the manufacturing of hydrogen are the electrodes. The greatest influence on the lifetime of the electrodes is the purity of the water. By delivering the purest water in the world we can contribute to making green Hydrogen production more price competitive.

On top of that our core technology do not require chemical inputs and does not need pre- and posttreatment operations.

Our partners and customers will be major producers of hydrogen, energy companies involved in hydrogen production, chemical industries involved in ammonia and methanol production or suppliers of electrolysis equipment.

Together we will contribute to the global energy transition. CWT´s goal and mission will be to advance the Hydrogen Economy by providing Ultra Clean water!

Best regards,

Linda Fondén